Run Geordie Run and SOS

Our director, Andrew Skelton, met Mark Allison in late 2014 when Mark was a guest speaker at the TyneMet College talking about his epic and painful charity run across Australia.

Listening to the amazing experiences on that journey, and hearing about the charities Mark was running for, SOS made an immediate pledge on the day of £500. Weeks later when SOS met Mark in person at their Team Valley Headquarters, Mark explained his plan to run around the rest of the world, having already completed the UK, USA and Australia.

SOS were hooked and decided this inspirational local hero needed as much support as possible. Since then, SOS has been one of Mark’s key sponsors, providing valuable funds and support to make his fundraising journey a reality.

2016 saw the completion of the European leg and plans are well underway for the 2018 leg, which Mark will be doing without a support team. This year, he is raising money for St Benedict’s Hospice.

Mark’s journey has only just begun…