Develop Ineo+ 227 Colour


22 PPM in A4 Full Stunning Colour | A3 capabilities | Copy, Print and Scan | Print onto a wealth of different media types. | A variety of hard optional extras available and software Apps

The +227 is a full A3 colour multifunctional with a good level of features. Postscript is standard together with a 45 ipm scanning speed. Colour output is the best on the market and reliability second to none. This really is best value for your money and it’€™s in stock for next day delivery.

This excellent machine offers:

Standard Features
* Compact 22 ppm colour A3 device
* 100 sheet Duplex Document Feeder
* Basic machine cabinet/pedestal
* 2 x 500 sheet Paper Cassettes
* 100 sheet universal stack bypass
* Duplex Print
* Network Ready
* Postscript and PCL Print
* Colour SEND/Scan to Email/File
* 2.0GB RAM
* 250 GB HDD
* Print from Windows, Mac OS X and Linux
* “AIRPRINT” – Print direct from i-phone/i-pad
* Prints to 256 gsm card
* 100 sheet document feeder

Optional Extras

* 1 Cassette Pedestal
* 2 Cassette Pedestal
* 2,500 sheet A4 Pedestal
* Inner Finisher
* External finisher with hole punch and saddle options
* Super G3 Fax Board