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Document Management Solutions

Firstly, in these challenging economic times every business is looking to do more for less. The pressure is on to work smarter, maximise office space and also reduce document imaging costs. SOS Group has solutions to your printing, copying and document management needs.

Our expertise

SOS Group has the expertise to help you uncover these opportunities in your document output environment. Implement processes and solutions to streamline the creation, production, and distribution of documents within your business.

Savings, security and the environment

Our document solutions are designed to help you reduce your costs, secure your documents, reduce your environmental impact and, in addition, help you work smarter. SOS Group’s solutions range from a simple Print Audit, Mobile Printing Solutions right up to our comprehensive Managed Print Service.

Our range of document solutions will help you:

  • significantly reduce your copy/print costs
  • gain control of your copying and printing
  • reduce the total cost of running your fleet by as much as 30% or more
  • secure your confidential information
  • reduce your environmental impact
  • work smarter

Mobility solutions are now a priority

IDC research shows a higher awareness and demand for mobile printing within organisations. This is true not just for mobile print but also for mobile document workflows. Meeting these requirements and also giving mobile devices access to printers/multifunction peripherals (MFPs) are major concerns for end users. Why not call us for more details.

Print Management Solutions

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