SOS Director Helping Out in the Local Community with this Biker Buddies

George Director of SOS Group and Vice President of the  Northumberland Chapter of the Widows Sons Masonic Bikers Association, stepped up. They’d raised money for Callum in the past, when the McGilligans sought help providing Callum with a ‘bucket list’ of special experiences for the youngster.

George Young, Vice President of the chapter, said: “We were asked if we would contribute, or attend a fundraiser for the tricycle, but we decided to buy the whole thing. We thought this would mean an awful lot to him, because it will help him be more mobile on his own. We know he likes bikes, we’ve all let him sit on our bikes at events we’ve been at before, and I think it’s quite poignant that bikers present Callum with a bike of his own.”


Chronicle Live

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