Run Geordie Run

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SOS are pleased to have been chosen as a key sponsor for the next epic adventure in 2016

As Run Geordie Run continues his journey to run around the world.

More news to follow soon.

Whilst not pursuing a world record, the run is following 2 aspects of the Guinness World Record criteria used, not in running, but in cycling for ?fastest circumnavigation of the globe by bicycle?; To travel a minimum of 18,000 miles (28,968 km) and to travel through two approximate antipodal points (i.e. opposite points on the planet).
The purpose of using the criteria is to, at least, give credibility to the claim that I, Run Geordie Run, will ?run around the world?.

Great news as we near the end of 2016, European fund currently stands at ?55,036.00 as at 14/12/16

Lisbon, Portugal to Belgrade, Serbia. 2,633 miles in 83 days

Run Geordie Run across Australia


RGR raises a significant amount of money for the following 2 charities:-

The Children’s Foundation

The Sir Bobby Robson Foundation

Run Geordie Run: The Documentary