Recycling - The Greener Side

SOS Group and ECS unite as Recycling Partners to encourage organisations to reduce waste through prevention, recycling, and buying or manufacturing recycled products.  The aim of our partnership is to significantly reduce the environmental impact and subsequent consequences of printing, ensuring that together SOS Group and ECS are contributing to the solution, not the problem.

ECS operates a fully licensed Waste Management Centre near Doncaster with dedicated treatment, recovery and recycling facilities designed specifically for print cartridges, preventing them from being sent to landfill.

To make our scheme successful we need your business to participate by taking the first step in the recycling process; collecting your used cartridges and informing us when your collection box is full. Together we can reduce printings environmental impact.

Boxes are supplied free of charge to assist your recycling, you only pay once a box is full and requires collection. Charges from as little as £6.00 + Vat per box for clients with single boxes, for multiple boxed sites prices may vary dependent on levels of collections required and the geographical locations. For more information sign up by pressing the button below.

Join for free our WEEE Recycling Scheme

SOS Group have made it easy for you to be a part of this scheme. To sign up, and make your contribution to cutting the environmental impact printing causes,