Laura becomes Mrs Santa for RVI Children’s Wards 2 and 8

Laura visited Wards 2 and 8 within the Children’s Hospital at the RVI in Newcastle this week.

Having spent a lot of time on these Wards five years ago, seeing first-hand the support her sister received meant all the shopping headaches where well worth it when dropping the bundle of presents for the children. Laura gained full support from her work colleagues and the three Directors who matched the funds raised.

Laura commented
“I cannot begin to tell you how grateful I am for your donations and making this year an even bigger pleasure to donate the gifts to the kids and the staff on these wards, you’ve helped me raise a total of £290 in order to buy gifts for the children of all ages along with lots of goodies for the staff and families of the children who will be spending Xmas on the ward”

Laura received a great reception when she dropped the gifts off today and was quite overwhelmed by the reaction from Ward 8 as they have always been forgotten about in the past, the lady in the elf suit got emotional and wanted pass on her gratitude to you all.

Laura added
“THANK YOU for your contributions and helping making a difference and a big THANK YOU to John, Andrew and George for matching what you all donated. I just wanted to share with you the attached pictures to show you where your generosity has been well and truly appreciated by all on Ward 2 and 8”

John, George and Andrew would like to pass on their huge congratulations to Laura and for bring this worthy cause to everyone’s attention within SOS.

SOS has a long-standing CSR ethos and its great seeing Laura and her colleagues helping others in the local community.

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